About Us


London based designers and creators of AF modern casual wear.

The NEW AF-Sym Casual! Symbols Lead Knowledge Shared!         #SLKS

It started as a conversation among friends and a bunch of them asking if the beautiful African patterns and prints we see have a meaning. Unexpected question at the time some thought... A few of us turned around to see the mesmerizing view across the room. Pretty obvious why such a question was appropriate at the time...BEAUTIFUL!

Of course they do, right? Well, yes and no. some do have a story and a rich African narrative, others are what is widely recognized as African Influenced designs and patterns. Both beautiful of course.

That conversation certainly planted a seed and got some of us thinking. Long story short, we set out to explore, shed a little light on what we did know, delved into what else excited us about African symbols, prints, patterns etc. Exciting!

A journey "Earthed"

Moearth's leap into such an exciting direction is also about sharing some of the knowledge gained of African symbols and the narratives.

As you've probably gathered by now the brand stands squarely on the shoulders of African Ancestry - the symbolism, spirit and narrative of all that is African. Not forgetting the cool casual scene of UK/European based African conscious creations making the right waves out there -  a blend that is growing daily

Symbols and their significance express various themes that relate to the history, beliefs and philosophy of a people. These symbols have a decorative function however represent rich proverbial and traditional wisdom's narrative. Like storytelling symbols played key role in cultures and continue to do. The use of them is considered a mark of wisdom.We intend to share through our creations. #AFsym

Some of the words best describes us besides the above - fun loving, love colour, not subtle, constant evolving pursuit of the modern drenched in culture, distinctively unexpected, stands out yet always appropriate, style over fashion, timeless and it's alright when some things are left a little 'imperfect' .

Yeah, we 'bout that lifestyle.

You are welcome to join us make this journey an adventure worth sharing.